Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Our team of trained experts will meet with you and key employees to generate a baseline assessment of your organization’s current security assets and infrastructure.

Cyber Security

We will Identify current threats targeting your industry and formulate a risk mitigation brief to outline the best cybersecurity path forward for your company.

Cyber Security

We use the latest tools available to test your current cybersecurity perimeter and help identify any areas that are currently at risk to attack.


Finding in-house IT employee to manage your business can be challenging and expensive. Finding the wrong one can be disastrous. Let our team of experts do it for you instead.


From the latest on-site Next Gen Firewalls to Cloud based security as service platforms, we got you covered.


Not sure if your cybersecurity perimeter is performing as promised? We can help. Our team of white hat experts can stage a controlled attack to see how your current system performs.


Next Gen Firewalls with advance Intrusion detection and prevention systems and a zero-trust policy will help identify and mitigate many cybersecurity threats.


What to do when Schrodinger’s cat is out of the bag and it’s time to recover what was lost?  We can help with our strong tech Kung fu, we can help get your data back.


Businesses today are quickly moving from centralized security to cloud based (Security as a service). We can help you make the decision and the transition.

Providing Impenetrable Defense For Enterprise Companies
  • Zero Trust
  • Heuristics
  • NGFW
  • IDPSs
  • SaaS
Kungfupc Cyber Security
Professional Cyber Security Software

We help you choose the best cybersecurity offering for your needs and budget. In conclusion, we save you money.

Kungfupc Cyber Security
Providing Impenetrable Defense For Enterprise Companies

We help fast growing companies focus on what’s important. In other words, we leave you free to grow and scale. While we keep you safe. For instance, making sure your company is following industry standards.

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